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Signal Interface Module Isolates 4- To 20-mA Channels

The MXSB 081 signal interface (SI) module incorporates one 16-bit analog-to-digital converter per channel, allowing users to monitor up to eight 4- to 20-mA current loops simultaneously. The module provides 300-V (peak) isolation from channel to channel and 700-V (peak) isolation from channel to PC. SI modules like the MSXB 081 fit into a backplane in a standard industrial enclosure as do other products that conform to the hardware specifications of the Microstar Laboratories channel architecture: signal connectors on 3U (100-mm high) Eurocard B (220-mm deep) boards. Signals connect to a DB37 male connector or to Wago connectors. A backplane connector on each board connects it to a digital backplane factory-fitted into the industrial enclosure. An interface board that also plugs into the backplane sends digitized waveforms to a Data-Acquisition Processor (DAP) board controlled by a PC or DAPserver. Each DAPserver includes a 10-slot Eurocard cage with a preinstalled digital backplane for SI modules like the MSXB 081. The MSXB 081 costs $1395 and is available for immediate delivery. MICROSTAR LABORATORIES INC., Bellevue, WA. (888) 678-2752.


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