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Signal Processing With FPGA-Enhanced PCIe Digitizer

Signal Processing With FPGA-Enhanced PCIe Digitizer

AlazarTech added a user-programmable FPGA to its latest waveform digitizer for custom signal processing. The ATS9265, based on the 8-lane PCI Express bus, features 16-bit, 250-Msample/s sampling, greater than 75-dB SINAD, and an ENOB of 12.08. Its ac-coupled 1- to 150-MHz analog bandwidth simplifies interfacing to many radio frequencies. Full-scale input range is fixed at 2.5 V p-p. All analog-to-digital converter data, external trigger, and auxiliary I/O signals flow through the on-board Stratix III FPGA (from Altera), enabling users to customize the digitizer for their own applications. Integrating the ATS9265 is easy—it occupies just one half-length PCI Express x8 or x16 slot. Applications include radio frequency, biomedical imaging, radar, and lidar.


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