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Silicon Carbide Blue LEDs Come As Lamps Or Chips

Available in both lamp and chip versions is a line of silicon carbide blue LEDs offering full-color capabilities. With the ability to withstand heat better than non-silicon carbide blue LEDs, the diodes feature high brightness with luminous intensities up to 250 mcd with a drive current of 20 mA for lamp-type LEDs, and up to 30 mcd for chip-type LEDs. Light output is at a wavelength of 430 nm. In total, three lamp-type and two chip-type designs are offered.The operating temperature range for both types varies from -30°C to 85 °C. Lamp-type blue LEDs have a viewing angle of 10°, 20°, and 70°, while the viewing angle for the chip-type pieces is 40° or 140°. In addition to their application in the universal red, green, and blue combination for television and computer screens, other areas of use include automotive and sign boards.

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