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Silicon Photodiode Comes Mounted On PCB

Reduced packaging and development costs are promised with a new low capacitance 100 mm2 photodiode mounted on Model PSS100-7 pc board. The resulting configuration allows the part to be conformed as a “side looker”, as well as in many other different ways. The silicon chip has a thin plastic coating for protection and can also be supplied without a window when required. The active area is 10 mm x 10 mm with an overall thickness of 1.2 mm. Responsivity range is 350 to 1100 nm with a peak response of 0.65A/W at 950 nm. Capacitance at 12V is 80 pF. Risetime with 12V bias and a 50 ohm load resistor is 55 ns at 850 nm. Pricing is $19.00 each in small quantities.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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