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Silicon Will Drive Automotive Market To $17 Billion In 2007

A study by Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) charts how new safety, engine, and chassis control technologies will soon increase the amount of silicon used in automobiles. In particular, the study finds that the global automotive semiconductor market for microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) will grow from a projected $12.3 billion last year to just over $17 billion in 2007. During this same period, the overall semiconductor market is expected to grow from about $140.7 billion to $222 billion. In "Automotive Electronic Systems: Emerging Markets For Powertrain, Safety, Chassis Control And Infotainment Systems And Their Effect On Semiconductor Demand," ABI tracks MCU/MPU growth in five application areas: safety and security, infotainment, body and chassis, powertrain, and dashboard convenience functions. For more information, contact Frank Viquez at (516) 624-3113, or visit www.alliedworld.com.

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