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SIM Card Connector Series Offers Lockable Styles

The 9162 family of SIM card connectors includes three new versions designed to reduce space requirements and provide extra security. The slide-in connector reduces the overall installed height of the SIM card to less than 1.7 mm, giving a profile from the board to the underside of the card of 0.7 mm. A lockable version features a hinged lid with rails that provides the ability to locate, align, and lock the SIM card in place. A recess in the molding ensures that the SIM will not lock if the card is wrongly inserted in to the cover. The connector has an installed height to the base of the SIM of 1.5 0mm and a total height of 2.5 mm for the connector. All versions have a life of 5000 mating cycles and a power rating of 0.5 A. SIM cards are commonly used in mobile phones, PDAs, and other portable communications devices, but they can also be cost-effective way of adding memory to many other products. All three new connectors are RoHS compliant and can withstand the latest 260°C reflow soldering processes. Lead time is six weeks. AVX CORP., Myrtle Beach, SC. (843) 448-9411.

Company: AVX CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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