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Single-Board Computer Is Basis For Diskless NT Workstations

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The AMD-K6 III-based version of the DPX-70 single-board computer is suited for building a diskless, compact, embedded Windows NT workstation with a flat panel touch-screen interface. The board fits snugly behind a 9.5" or larger diagonal flat panel display, allowing embedded system designers to implement a thin, yet full featured flat-panel workstation.Other features include: a PCI accelerated Fast Ethernet LAN controller; PCI 64-bit accelerated LCD/CRT graphics controller; PCI Ultra SCSI-3/Fast SCSI-2 controller (bootable); an EIDE controller; a touchscreen controller that's implemented through the ISA bus; and a DiskOnChip flash disk socket. There's also a 16-bit stereo sound system and full I/O support. The on-board LCD/CRT graphic controller includes a 64-bit graphics accelerator engine and 2 Mbytes of SDRAM.

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