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Single Board Computer Sports A Dual Socket 370

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Based on the Intel 82440BX PCI chipset, the StingRay II+ is a Pentium III/Celeron FC-PGA single-board computer (SBC) that provides a dual Socket 370 upgrade path from the company's StingRay dual Slot 1 SBC. The new model features a 66 MHz or 100 MHz internal bus and Socket 370 performance up to 850 MHz with dual processing capability. The company believes the StingRay II+ offers the kind of performance required by the most advanced applications, such as voice recognition, image processing, and video conferencing. On-board features include 10/100 Ethernet, Ultra DMA/33 support, dual enhanced IDE, Ultra Wide SCSI with transfer rates up to 40 Mb/s, SVGA with 1280 x 1024 resolution, and system monitoring.
Employing four 168-pin DIMM sockets, the SBC supports up to 1 GB of SDRAM with ECC functionality. Interfaces include two USB ports, a floppy disk connector, a bi-directional parallel port, a serial port, and Mini-DINs for a PS/2 mouse and keyboard interface. Its real-time clock is backed by an on-board, field-replaceable battery. The board also features the ability to drive up to 20 ISA slots. The StingRay II+ is available immediately and is priced starting at $2,492.

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