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Single-Board Computer Uses Embedded Pentium CPU

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Using the low-power Pentium processor with MMX technology designed for space-constrained embedded applications, the ZT 6501 CPU Board is a 3U cPCI single-board computer intended for embedded applications in the industrial control area where packaging will help OEM designs. This board operates at 266 MHz and carries up to 128 Mbytes of system memory and 512 kbytes of Level 2 cache. Key features include CompactFlash expansion, a 10/10-Mb Ethernet link, a USB port, a two-stage watchdog timer, standard PC peripherals, and floppy and IDE drive options. The processor can drive up to seven other cPCI adapter cards in a system. The board has a powerful industrial BIOS and solid-state flash disk support. It can be configured with Windows NT, QNX, or VxWorks. Firm's optional development tool kits support implementation of these operating systems on cPCI.

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