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Single Board Computers

Vendor Products Data Sheet / App Notes
Aaeon Electronics, Inc. Pentium-based PCI/ISA SBCs  
Advantech Co. Ltd. x86- and Pentium-based PCI and PC/104 SBCs  
Ampro Computers Pentium-based PCI/ISA and PC/104+ SBCs  
Arbor Technology Pentium-based Half- and Full-size SBCs
Arcom Control Systems Inc. Pentium-based EBX SBCs  
Axiom Technology Inc. Pentium/Celeron-based Full-size SBCs
x86- and Pentium-based PCI/ISA and LPX SBCs

CompuLab Pentium-based PC/104+ SBCs  
Densitron Corporation Pentium-based PCI SBCs  
Diversified Technology Pentium-based PCI/ISA SBCs
Celeron-based PCI/ISA SBCs

DY 4 Systems Inc. PowerPC-based SBCs  
Embedded Planet PowerPC-based PC/104 SBCsd  
Force Computers Inc. Pentium- and PowerPC-based VME, PMC and CompactPCI SBCs  
General Micro Systems Inc. Pentium-based VME SBCs
Pentium- and PowerPC-based CompactPCI SBCs

JK Microsystems Inc. 386 EX- and V-25 Plus-based SBCs  
Kontron America Pentium-based PCI/ISA SBCs
Pentium-based ePCI/ISA/PISA SBCs

Megatel Computer Corp. Pentium-based PC/104 (104+) SBCs  
Men Micro Inc. PowerPC- and MC680X0-based VME SBCs
Pentium-, PowerPC- and STPC-based PCI/PXI SBCs
MICRO/SYS Inc. Pentium- and x86-based PC/104 (104+) SBCs  
Momentum Computer Inc. PMC, CompactPCI, VME PowerPC-, SPARC-, MIPS-based
Motorola Computer Group PowerPC-, 680X0- and Pentium-based VME and CompactPCI SBCs  
Nimble Microsystems Inc. SBCs
Octagon Systems Corp. Pentium-based EBX SBCs  
Radisys Corp. Pentium-based PCI/ISA SBCs  
Radstone Technology Corp. PowerPC-based VME and CompactPCI SBCs
RLC Enterprises Inc. StrongARM- and Elan-based SBCs
SBS Technologies Pentium- and PowerPC-based VME, PMC and CompactPCI SBCs  
Synergy Microsystems PowerPC-based VME and CompactPCI SBCs  
Thales Computers Pentium- and PowerPC-based VME and PCI SBCs
Themis Computer SPARC-based VME SBCs
SPARC-based CompactPCI SBCs

Tidal Engineering Corp. Z180-based SBCs  
Trenton Technology Inc. Pentium- and Xeon-based PCI/ISA SBCs and Pentium- and Celeron-based Compact PCI SBCs  
Versalogic Corp. Pentium-, 586- and Z80-based EBX, PC/104 (104+) and STB SBCs  
VMIC Pentium-based CompactPCI SBCs
Pentium-based VME SBCs

Winsystems Inc. Pentium-based EMX, PC/104 (104+) and STD SBCs  
Z-World Inc. Rabbit 2000/3000- and Z180-based SBCs  
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