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Single-Board Computers Pack Dual Processors And SMP Capability

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Targeting telecomm, server and imaging applications, TR-DP2 single-board computers are powered by two Pentium II processors and feature on-board 10/100BaseT Ethernet, Ultra Wide SCSI and AGP SVGA interfaces. And the Intel AGPset supports the system/memory bus at 100 MHz to provide the highest possible bandwidth path for transferring data between main memory/chipset and the µPs. The board also has symmetric multi-processing (SMP) capability to increase performance and system throughput. SMP applications are divided into threads that can run concurrently to let the operating system to assign tasks on demand to the next available processor to maximize the dual Pentium II capacity. The flush-mounted processors save valuable backplane slots to allow use of all available standard PICMG slots. Performance is up to 450 MHz.

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