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Single-Board PCs Pack Portable Embedded Systems On Tiny Card

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All the features of a desktop computer and the Windows operating system are packed onto a pair of single-board PCs the size of a credit card. The SCE8700C0x/SH-CARD and SCE86638xx/CARD-PC 686 boards both feature high-density assembly and system integration to provide high-performance in portable embedded systems. The systems integration includes hardware, software and evaluation capabilities.The SCE8700C0x/SH-CARD is an all-in-one design that provides full system integration because all necessary hardware is built into the CARD-PC. The Epson CARD-PC 686 is a follow-on to the Epson CARD-PC 586 and offers Pentium-class 233-MHz performance for applications requiring a high-performance video graphics controller, a large capacity of hard drive and memory.

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