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Single-Board PXI Controllers Cost Up To 80% Less

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Said to be up to 80% less expensive than other real-time PXI controllers, the PXI-8140 RT series of PXI controllers can run a single control loop at up to 6 kHz. With the availability of these controllers, design engineers are promised the ability to develop custom real-time PXI systems with data acquisition, signal conditioning, dynamic signal acquisition, serial and CAN connectivity, and motion control, all with guaranteed deterministic performance.Constructed for reliability, the PXI-8145 RT and PXI-8146 RT controllers are also said to reduce maintenance costs. With a 32-MB non-volatile flash memory, the controllers can store data locally, as well as withstand high levels of vibration. Prices start at $995. For further information, call Ernest Martinez at NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (800) 258-7022.

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