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Single-Card Bus Analyzers/Exercisers Speed Testing Of CompactPCI Designs Up To 66 MHz

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Designed for debugging and verification of next-generation CompactPCI board and system designs, the PBTC-415 PCI Bus Analyzer & Exerciser is a single-slot 3U card containing a complete logic analyzer and exerciser for the CompactPCI bus. The unit is able to capture and trigger on all bus activity in 32-bit as well as 64-bit CompactPCI bus backplanes at speeds of up to 66.7 MHz. The unit can also act as a 32-bit, 33.3-MHz PCI master or target, controlled fully through the user interface or with the built-in script capability.Finally, the module may be equipped with an optional piggyback module (PTIMBAT400-PB) with a 400-MHz Timing Analyzer and a PCI Anomaly Trigger unit for automatic detection of up to 68 PCI protocol or timing violations.

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