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Single-Channel Processor Supports J2, E2, T3 Standards

Representing one of the most highly integrated solutions available for single-channel uplinks employed in DSLAM equipment, CPE routers, and access concentrators, the PM7347-BI S/UNI-JET processor is designed to support the three major Internet backbone standards, namely J2, E3 and T3. The single-channel J2, E2, T3 framer includes on-board ATM cell delineation and a UTOPIA Level 2-compatible interface. For point-to-point protocol (PPP) applications, the IC can be operated in a "framer-only" mode.Among the features provided by the processor are: programmable pseudo-random test pattern generation, detection and analysis; an 8-bit µP interface for configuration, control and status monitoring; a standard 5-signal JTAG port for boundary scan board test purposes; and a 3.3V CMOS design with 5V-tolerant inputs. The chip comes in 256-pin BGA package, is characterized over the industrial temperature range of - 40°C to 85°C.


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