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Single-Chip Devices Aid System Configuration

Designed for system configuration in computing platforms using the System Management Bus or I2C bus, the PCA9556 and PCA9559 single-chip devices seamlessly interface the processor, chipset and peripherals. The chips eliminate the need for multiple discrete devices, saving board space and lowering system cost for all levels of the computing market, including desktop, server, workstation and mobile platforms.
The PCA9556 is a 16-pin SMBus that provides 8 bits of parallel I/O expansion. The PCA9559 is a 5-bit multiplexed, 1-bit latched, 6-bit I2C EEPROM. In lots of 10,000, the PCA9556 is priced at $0.85 each; the PCA9559 costs $1.50 each.


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