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Single-Chip HDMI Receiver Meets HDMI 1.3a Specs

Vativ Technologies' VRV2313 HDMI receiver supports up to 36-bit Deep Color at 1080p, extended-gamut YCC (xvYCC), and UXGA resolutions, as per the HDMI 1.3a specifications. It is compatible with three-input HDMI receivers, and its I/O interface allows integration with virtually any video processor or digital TV (DTV) system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution. Its pin-layout is compatible with four- or six-layer boards.

Used primarily in high-definition televisions and displays, Vativ's integrated three-input, single-output receivers reduce total chip count and cost by eliminating unneeded switches, repeaters, and equalizers inside the TV. The VTV2313's 15- by 15-mm ball-grid array package occupies little board space but provides good performance. The component's receiver supports a maximum bandwidth of 6.75 Gbits/s at 225 MHz.

The VTV2313 also includes Vativ's proprietary real-time equalization technology, enabling fast on-time signal recovery and syncing with any cable.


Available now for select OEMs, volume production will begin in the third quarter of 2007.


The VTV2313 costs less than $7.00 in OEM quantities.



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