Electronic Design

Single-Chip InfiniBand 10-Gbit/s Host Cuts Memory Requirements

The Infinihost III Ex with MemFree technology eliminates the need for external memory and its associated power and timing components. This trick is actually handled by a firmware upgrade to the InfiniHost III, which makes the Ex version a plug-compatible replacement. The new version doesn't eliminate the need for memory. Instead, it moves data directly to the host memory over a high-speed 8x PCI Express connection. Such an approach significantly minimizes system overhead when running the InfiniBand connection at 10 Gbits/s. It also cuts the subsystem's board footprint by 40%. Existing designs eliminate the external memory by incorporating the firmware change. The subsystem requires only 2.25 W per port. Clusters and blade servers are the main targets for the host adapter. Pricing for the Infinihost III Ex is expected to run under $100.


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