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Single-Chip Power Management Units Halve Board Space

All of the sequencing and default options needed to power today’s processors are implemented by the TPS6507x family of single-chip power management ICs for portable electronics. The TPS65070 and TPS65073 devices result in a 50% smaller DC-DC implementation versus a discrete design by integrating three highly efficient, 2.25-MHz, 1.5-A DC-DC step-down converters that support core processor, memory and I/O voltages; two general-purpose, 200-mA LDOs; white LED backlighting to support up to 5-in. LCD displays; I2C communications interface; 10-bit analog-to-digital converter; touch-screen interface and an integrated 1.5-A linear battery charger. The TPS65070 power-management IC supports the OMAP-L1x, TMS320C6742, TMS320C6746 and TMS320C6748 processors, while the TPS65073 and TPS650731 ICs support the OMAP35x processors. Both are provided with easy-to-use reference designs. The TPS65070 and TPS65073 devices are available now and come in a 6-mm x 6-mm x 0.4-mm, 48-pin, leadless, thermally enhanced QFN package. Pricing is $3.95 each in lots of 1000. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (972) 644-5580.


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