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Single-Chip Radio Reduces Size By 25%

The Othello One for GSM/GPRS cellular phones and wireless Internet devices combines the functions of the first-generation Othello direct conversion radio chipset into a single chip, reducing size and bill of materials. The chip reduces the size of the radio section of a cellular phone 25%, with a reduction of 40% in the total component count for the radio from previous generations and other direct conversion implementations, the company says. The chip also addresses emerging GSM derivative standards, such as EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). Voice and data rate capabilities reach 384 kbps, while battery life reaches 1,000 hours. Othello One fits on a printed-circuit board measuring 3 cm x 5 cm, and its radio section occupies only 7 sq. cm. With the new chip, dual- and tri-band GSM cellular phone manufacturers can upgrade and adapt products to multimode and multi-slot data applications. The chipsetÕs direct conversion technology simplifies traditional radio architecture by allowing incoming signals to be converted directly to baseband, and eliminates the need for intermediate frequency Surface Acoustic Wave filters.


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