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Single-Port T3/E3 Line Interface Unit Integrates Fully Integrated Jitter Attenuator On-Chip

Design time, component cost, and board space are all reported to be minimized by the DS3150, a T3/E3 and STS-1 line interface unit (LIU) chip with a fully integrated jitter attenuator. The deviceÕs receiver is said to recover clock and data from signals with up to 15 dB of signal loss (more than 1,000' of cable), while its transmitter drives waveshapes onto 75W coaxial cable with excellent template compliance. Receiver features include loss-of-signal detection and a 20 dB preamp for monitoring applications. Transmitter features include line build-out control, transmit three-state control, output driver monitor, and a pattern generator (DS3 AIS or unframed all ones). The DS3150 jitter attenuator complies with all T3/E3 jitter standards and can be placed into the transmit or receive path. Other DS3150 features include B3ZS/HDB3 encoder and decoder, local and remote loopbacks, and built-in PRBS pattern generator and detector. The part is a drop-in replacement for the TDK78P2241/B LIUs and is pin compatible with TDK78P7200/78P7200L LIUs. It has low-power, 3.3V operation with 5V tolerant I/Os. The new LIU is available in 48-pin TQFP and 28-pin PLCC packages in both commercial and industrial operating temperature ranges. Prices start at $20.35/1,000-up. Evaluation kits are available. DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR, Dallas, TX. (800) 998-8800.


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