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Single-Slot 6U VME Card Can Supply Flash Or Disk Storage

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The flexible design of the new SV6I VME 6U plug-in card can provide up to 5.4 Gbytes of flash storage, or up to 120 Gbytes of hard disk storage. The board emulates industry standard 3.5" and 2.5" SCSI and SCSI-2 fast and narrow disk and DAT drives. Configuration options include setting the logical capacity Òdestroking,Ó 256-byte or 512-byte sector sizes, and one to seven logical units. A simple installation procedure eliminates drive mounting brackets and cabling. Flexibility of the storage media allows customers to choose between hard disk configurations for greater economy, or flash memory for high reliability and durability in demanding applications. According to the company, telecommunication and military COTS customers can use this product without system hardware or software redesign. OEM pricing for a 2 GB Flash version is $3,600, while a 30 GB hard disk version is $700. For further information, contact ADTRON CORP., Phoenix, AZ. (602) 735-0300.

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