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Single-Slot PCI System Supports 24M FPGA Gates

By supporting up to 24 million gates of Virtex-II FPGAs by fitting four Heron-FPGA4 modules to HEPC9 carrier boards, Heron DSP systems can provide designers with the means for implementing processing-intensive, reconfigurable, DSP-powered systems capable of sustaining and processing very high data rates, such as are encountered in digital radio (DDC), imaging and radar applications. Modules are currently available for adding 3M- or 6M-gate Virtex-IIs to the carrier boards, with the programmable FPGAs touting clock speeds of up to 365 MHz, as well as providing access to 83 lines of user-configurable digital I/O. The Virtex-II FPGAs allow high bandwidth data to be processed in real-time with software programmable functions, such as digital filters, decimators, FFTs, and down-conversion algorithms. Once processed, the data can be exchanged with optional DSP modules or other data acquisition and I/O resources within the modular Heron hardware environment. Price of Heron-FPGA4 modules starts at $4,875 each. For more details, contact Mike Gracen at TRAQUAIR DATA SYSTEMS INC., Ithaca, NY. (607) 266-6000, ext. 20.


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