Electronic Design

Single-Slot VME Board Supports PMC Module

Targeted for industrial control and automation applications, the compact Eurocom 148 VMEbus CPU board combines a complete PC kernel with graphics, a VMEbus interface, and an additional process module controller (PMC) module in one VME slot. With a clock speed of 600 to 1266 MHz for Pentium III or Celeron processors, the device provides enough computing power for complex real-time applications, such as control tasks with intensive numerical calculations. The chip set's integrated graphics enable a complete PC kernel adapted to industrial environments. The Eurocom's on-board peripheral functionality features up to 512 Mbytes of SDRAM. It features two 10/100-Mbit Ethernet ports, enabling separate and simultaneous communication with a central control computer and Fieldbus controllers. It also features two asynchronous serial I/O lines with RS-232 ports. The VMEbus interface is implemented in an ASIC format that contains the PCI-to-VME bridge. The CPU board supports Windows and VxWorks operating systems, as well as Linux with Embedded Linux and RTAI extensions. PxROS is also supported. Available immediately, the Eurocom 148 CPU board costs $2200 apiece.

Eltec Inc.
www.eltec.com; (702) 878-4085

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