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Slim Memory Modules Target Embedded Applications

Super-slim memory modules for CompactPCI, Ultradense, and blade server applications boast a 0.77-in. profile. They're configured as unbuffered double-data-rate dual-inline memory-module (DDR DIMM) units with an optional error-correction-code (ECC) function. The modules' wBGA/CSP packaging reduces height compared to traditional TSOP-based DRAM packages. The 184-pin module offers capacity ranges from 256 to 512 Mbytes of DDR200/266/333 memories. The modules are compatible with standard system boards and custom boards for the embedded systems market. The 256- and 512-Mbyte DDR DIMMs are available now. Pricing starts at $180.

ATP Electronics Inc.
www.atpusa.com; (408) 732-5000

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