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Small Form Factor SBC Stacks

VIA Technologies’ Pico-ITXe single-board computer (SBc) builds on the 10- by 7.2-cm Pico-ItX form factor and adds the Small Form Factor SIG’s SUMIT stackable connectors (Fig. 1). the motherboard holds up to 2 Gbytes of DDR2 and has Gbit Ethernet and dual SATA ports. The SUMIT expansion supports PCI Express, USB, I2C, and LPC.

The VIA P710-HD board can plug into the SBC to add dual hi-def video playback support. It can handle resolutions up to 2560 by 1600 and support outputs that include HDMI and dual low-voltage differential signaling (lVDS). It also supports DX10.1 graphics.

Other expansion boards for the Pico- ITXe include the WinSystems Pico-I/O board and acces I/O’s PICO-DIO16R08, which has eight 1-A relays and 16 32-mA buffered I/O lines (Fig. 2). the board can be controlled via an external USB cable.

Acces I/O

Small Form Factor SIG

VIA Technologies


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