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Small Motherboards Offer I/O Options

Integrating the company's MAX I/O technology the Aries UP3210 and Aquarius DP5100 motherboards promise maximum flexibility of I/O usage never before available. The technology allows system integrators and VARs to maximize I/O usage by exploiting the PCI Express bus directly at the source and eliminating the need for switches. Choosing one of many riser cards that will fill their rack-mount I/O expansion requirements, users are able to select the bandwidth of the I/O their applications require. The technology supports the use of any off-the-shelf cards such as RAID controllers and HBAs, video cards, NICs, or any other PCI, PCI-X, or PCIe boards. The Aquarius and Aries motherboards come in an RTX form factor that allows for two of either board to fit into a single 1U rack-mount chassis. The Aries supports an 800/1,066/1,333 FSB and dual/quad core Intel Xeon 3000 and Core2 Duo processors while the Aquarius series employs a dual independent Xeon 5200/5400 and 1066/1333 FSB processors. For prices, call ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER INC., City of Industry, CA. (866) 800-0056.


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