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Small Outline DIMMs Offer Latch Protection

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An anti-overstress feature built into a new line of right-angle SMT small-outline DIMM sockets protects latches while a reliable contact design helps ensure electrical continuity. The 0.80-mm pitch sockets are said to be best suited for DRAM/SDRAM and SGRAM applications in notebooks, desktops and PDAs. The sockets offer in-line SMT tails for excellent coplanarity control of 0.1 mm max. They are made of high-temperature, glass-filled LCP to withstand IR reflow soldering. Other features include front solder tabs for secure pc board hold-down and polarization keys for proper module insertion.The standard DRAM/SDRAM version is available in 4.0-mm and 5.2-mm mounting heights; the reverse keying 4.0-mm version enables equal pc board trace lengths and high-speed signal integrity for dual socket configurations; and the 10-mm version in designed to accept SGRAM modules.

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