Electronic Design

Small-Package SBC Supplies Enhanced Serial Communications Features

The MC2000-077 offers a feature-packed programming environment, 32 kbytes of application space, and a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). In a small 0.96- by 0.96-in. package, this single-board computer (SBC) features powerful communications capabilities. It provides 100 bytes of variable RAM space and an enhanced version of Vesta Basic. Also, it supports four unbuffered serial ports, three with 8-byte buffers and one with a 72-byte buffer. It provides signal support for five 10-bit ADCs, 21 DIO, two serial ports, and an LCD. And, it offers a Vesta Addressable Synchronous Transfer (VAST) bus. The SBC can be programmed using Vesta Basic, which is compiled for speed and power. Pricing for the MC2000-077 starts at $79 each, singly, and $57 each for 100.

Vesta Technology
www.vestatech.com; (303) 422-8088

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