Electronic Design

Small Power Inductors Handle High Current Levels

The Power Wafer line of inductors is designed to provide excellent current handling and a broad inductance range. The LPO2506 surface-mount power-inductor series, the first in the new Power Wafer line, has a 1.19-mm above-board height and a footprint that measures 7.87 by 9.14 mm. This low height was achieved by dropping the inductor core through a hole in the circuit board. Depending on board thickness, custom designs can drop the height to 0.9 mm. Also, an on-board version that's 1.65 mm tall is available for designs where in-board mounting isn't practical. The device can handle currents up to 1.9 A rms. It has 15 inductance values, from 4.7 to 1000 µH. PSPICE models are available on the web and on CD. Free evaluation samples and a $60 designer's kit with examples of all standard values are available as well. Inductance values cost $0.75 in 10,000-unit quantities.

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