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Small Relay Handles Loads Up To 10A

Smaller in size than a matchbox, this new series of solid-state relays can switch loads up to 10A. A good part the devices' ability to handle such loads in a small package rests on an integral heatsink made from a tiny forest of aluminum prongs projecting from the relay to form a compact unit capable of dissipating heat quickly.
The small, 0.9" x 2.67" x 3.25" SSR operates over line voltages ranging from 48 to 660 Vac at an ambient temperature of 30°C. Users can choose from standard units or customized pre-assembled arrays.
Two models are available, which can accept inputs from different controllers. The Model HBC-11-SF480D25 is for a controller range of 3 to 15 Vdc, while the HBC-11-SFE480D25 handles from 15 to 32 Vdc. An on-board LED indicates when the correct level of power is flowing to the relay. Price is $25 each/100.


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