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Small SBC Delivers High-Res TV Output

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Measuring 3.5" and having the same dimensions as an internal hard-disk drive, the PCM-5822 single-board computer (SBC) can convert 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 Windows video signals to simultaneous composite and S-VIDEO outputs in PAL or NTSC TV formats. The SBC uses a Cyrix GXM-200 processor and up to 64 MB of RAM. Because the Cyrix chipset mounts through BGAs and runs off of 2.2V, they require less than half the power of systems using Intel chipsets. Total system power is 8W with 64 MB of RAM, allowing it to be operated without a fan.
On-board features include a flash socket, an Ethernet interface, a parallel port, an infrared port, two serial ports, two USB connectors, a PC/104 connector, and support for two enhanced IDE devices and two floppy-disk drives. In quantities of under 100, the board is base priced at $392.

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