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SMSC Embedded Controller designed into Mitac Notebook

Mitac Technology will use SMSC’s KBC1122P Embedded Controller in its 8222J notebook PC. SMSC has aligned with Mitac to provide silicon solutions for their 8222J notebook system, which will be available in North America and Europe through OEMs. This platform includes the Intel Mobile Board MGM965JB, which supports Intel Centrino Duo processor technology. SMSC's KBC1122P device provides several key features to the platform, including the embedded controller, PS/2 keyboard and keyboard scan matrix functionality. With an integrated Direct Battery Management (DBM) system incorporating SMSC SentinalAlert!, four programmable Pulse-Width Modulator Outputs (PWMs), and three fan tachometer inputs, the KBC1122P provides for a complete hardware monitoring and control solution. The system also has integrated consumer IR (CIR) receiver functionality on-platform rather than being supported through an external USB-based dongle, providing for a lower system cost. The KBC1122P is a member of a pin compatible family of embedded controllers that provide flexibility for notebook manufacturers to choose the device that best suits their consumer, commercial or media-center-based platform. “SMSC’s embedded controller plays an important role in our 8222J system, performing many of the interface functions, such as CIR for remote control access and ‘instant on’ support for an enhanced consumer experience,” said Ricky Kuo, Senior Product Manager at Mitac Technology. “The pin-compatible nature of this device also allows us the flexibility to quickly bring products to market in various segments while leveraging SMSC’s integrated hardware and software on Intel’s notebook motherboards.” “Our focus on the mobile computing space has allowed SMSC to develop and deliver differentiating technologies, such as our system monitoring features and Vista-supported CIR, to better support our customers in this market,” said Rolf Mahler, Director of Product Marketing at SMSC. Joel Christensen, General Manager of Channel Mobile Boards Operation for Intel, said the collaboration between SMSC and Mitac demonstrates the ongoing industry support to simplify the development of PC notebooks.

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