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SMT Adapter Accommodates LGAs Or Reworked BGAs

Suitable for use with LGA devices or reworked BGA devices, the SMT Adapter features eutectic solder balls on the device side and precision, gold screw-machined pins on the board side. The adapter is the same size as the device, mates with the firm's standard BGA sockets employing 1.27-mm-pitch contacts, and is compatible with surface-mount and through-hole printed circuit boards.Also available is the Guide Post BGA Socket featuring integral raised corners to permit easy alignment of the BGA device/adapter assembly into the socket and thereby prevent damage to the adapter terminals due to misalignment. Said to be ideal for blind mating when visual access from the side of the socket is not possible, the Guide Post is available as an option for the firm's standard BGA sockets. Guide Post BGA Sockets use eutectic solder balls, are only 4 mm larger than the BGA device, and have a coplanarity that is said to be consistently under the industry standard of 0.006".

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