Electronic Design

SMT Battery Retainer Holds 11.6-mm Lithium Cells

Keystone Electronics Corp. has expanded its line of surface-mount battery retainers suitable for automated placement by adding the top-loaded, low-profile Coin Cell Retainer, which is suitable for high-density pc-board packaging. The rugged, lightweight retainer has solder tails located outside the insulating material to support vision system and other inspection systems. The unit's reliable spring-tension dynamics ensures low contact resistance. The retainer accepts all 11.6-mm coin cell lithium batteries from major manufacturers and is considered safe for most soldering and reflow operations. The SMT version is available in bulk as part number 2996 or on tape-and-reel as part number 2996TR. A through-hole version with clearly marked polarity is available as part number 2997. The Coin Cell Retainers are available from stock. Contact the company for pricing. To learn more, visit www.keyelco.com.

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