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SMT Connectors Support 1-mm Pitch Board, Cable-To-Board Apps

Groomed for 1-mm pitch micro board-to-board and flex cable-to-board applications, the Mezza-pede SMT connectors sport a mated height of 4 mm and are suitable for mezzanine board applications where z-axis space is a constraint. The connectors employ a patented pin and lead frame design and screw-machined terminals with multi-finger contacts specifying a per contact current rating of greater than 1 A at 80ºC.

An over-molded lead frame seals the surface-mount pins to prevent solder wicking and ensure a solid solder joint at the printed-circuit board (PCB) level. The two-piece connector system is fully compatible with lead-free solder profiles. Standard sizes include dual row eight- and 14-position models with other pin counts and optional enhancements, i.e., shrouds for polarized mating, available upon request. A through-hole header is also available.

For more details, call Advanced Interconnections at (800) 424-9850 or (401) 823-5200, or visit their Web site.

DATASHEET: http://www.advanced.com/lowprofileconn.html

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