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SMT DC/DC Converter Cracks 20W Barrier

The SM20, a 20W dc-to-dc converter, is being touted as the industry's first surface-mount unit at that power level. Traditional heat dissipation methods, such as thermal encapsulation and a two-step potting process, were bypassed in production of the converter. Instead, the unit is built using a 64-pin leadframe attachment. Heat dissipation is regulated through use of a special pc board material with 10 times the thermal transfer capability of FR-4. The result is a high-density, yet lightweight unit that's compatible with existing SMT pick-and-place equipment.The 0.4"-tall package offers 24V or 48V nominal inputs for wireless/cellular and CO telecomm uses. It meets UL1459 and BS6301 telecomm application approvals and offers ETSI compliance for European telecommunication systems. It also features 10-ms startup time for hot-plug conditions.

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