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SMT DC/DC Converters Come In 1W And 1.8W Packages

The SMI.O 1W and SMI.8 1.8W surface-mount dc/dc converters are housed in 1" x 0.35" x 0.37" packages and are claimed to be ideal for all I/O board system and sub-system distributed power configurations where low voltage semiconductors are involved. The converters are encapsulated and operate without derating of heatsinking over their full, specified temperature range. The devices are available with input voltage ranges of 5 and 12 vdc, ±5%, and output voltages of 5, 12 and 15 vdc. Standard specifications include an isolation of 500 vdc, a line regulation of ±5%, load regulation of ±10%, maximum ripple plus noise of 1% p-p maximum, and an efficiency of 75%. Pricing is $9.95 each/1,000.


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