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SMT Fuses Can Be Directly Soldered To PC Boards

Boasting of a small footprint and reduced assembly time, the SMD 5 x 20-mm fuse family can be soldered directly onto a pc board. Gold-plated end caps enable the fuses to easily withstand the heat of the soldering process. The FST and SPT series have a standard time lag, while the FTT series has a super time lag to withstand current surges or repeated pulse currents. Current range of the FST is up to 20A at 250 Vac. The SPT offers a high-breaking capacity up to 1,500A at 250 Vac, allowing for safe interruption of dangerous faults. Reflow and wave solderability for the fuses is 235°C for two seconds. Soldering heat resistance is 260°C for 10 seconds. The fuses are taped in 2,000-piece reels. Pricing starts at $0.36 each/100.


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