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SMT Fuses Can Take High Heat

New lead-free fuses can withstand the 260°C temperature required by lead-free wave and reflow soldering. The 466 Series contains a fusing element composition that is completely lead free. In addition, the fuse’s SMT terminations have been reformulated as 100% copper/nickel/tin. Developed for applications requiring extremely fast opening times to protect sensitive circuitry from momentary high levels of current, the 466 Series can cut off flow to a circuit in as little as 0.02 second at 300% of rated current and in less time at higher surge current levels. To prevent premature opening, the 466 Series is said to have superior inrush withstand characteristics. The devices come in current ratings up to 7A and from 24V to 125V and can be used in either ac or dc circuits. Housed in a standard 1206 outline package, but with a low profile of 0.58 mm, the fuse is designed for space sensitive applications where board clearance, heat dissipation and component vertical density restrictions are present. Price: $0.25/10K. LITTELFUSE INC., Des Plaines, IL. (847) 824-1188.


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