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SMT Inductors Boast Compact Size

The latest series of miniature bobbin wound surface mount inductors combines inductance values from just 2.7 to 680 µH with low dc resistance and current handling capabilities to 4.6A. With dc resistance values down to just 0.028_, the new 2400 and 2600 series inductors suit switching power supply designs, power line filter circuits and other applications requiring high saturation currents and miniature footprints. An optional integral ferrite EMI shield prepares the inductors for applications in which electrical noise is a factor. The 2400 series inductors have values between 2.7 and 220 µH and a board mounting profile of 4.5 mm and a maximum width of 5.8 mm. The 2600 devices provide between 3.3 and 680 µH with a profile of 5.4 mm and a maximum width of 12.6 mm. The inductors combine high current operation with compact size as a result of an open format that allows for improved heat dissipation. Pricing for the 2400 and 2600 series is $0.46 in OEM quantities. C&D TECHNOLOGIES INC., Tucson, AZ. (520) 295-4300.


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