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SMT LEDs Offer Increased Off-The-Board Height

The SMF-LX2432 Series LEDs feature a 1.4 mm distance between the light center of the LED and the top of the circuit board, as opposed to the more common 0.6 mm. This increased height allows designers of panel or fault indicators, backlighting overlays, and keypad edge-lighting systems more off-the-board height. These SMT LEDs offer a compact, one-piece construction and are available in either common anode or common cathode versions.
All SMF-LX2432 devices feature AlInGaP or InGaN die formulations for maximum light efficiency. Typical light output is 60 mcd at an If of 20 mA for the red version, with a typical viewing angle of 110°. The SMT LEDs are available on reels of standard 8 mm tape at quantities of 1,000 pieces per reel. Pricing for the SMF-LX2432 Series varies depending on model, options and quantity ordered. Typical pricing for the red-only version is approximately $0.22 each/1,000.

Company: LUMEX INC. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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