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SMT Power Inductors Are Self-Shielding

Measuring in at only 2 mm high, the LPT1606 Power Wafer self-shielded power inductor is well suited for pc cards, notebook computers, wireless communications devices, and handheld products. The toroid construction of the devices minimizes stray EMI and its 5.3 x 6.5 mm footprint minimizes pc board space. A flat-top ceramic cover provides what's claimed as the best possible surface for pick-and-place handling. The 1 µH part has a saturation current rating of 3A with inductance ratings from 1 to 22 nH. Custom versions are also available.The inductor is available in a choice of nine models. To help engineers incorporate these parts into their designs easily, the firm also provides PSPICE models via their web site or on CD. Samples of all values are available in the Designer's Kit C137.


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