Electronic Design

SMT Press-Fit Card-Edge Suit Pick-And-Place

A new patent-pending surface mount technology (SMT) card-edge connector system based on Interplex’s proven and tested 0.64-mm press-fit technology is designed for use in discreet pick-and-place components, creating a solder-less edge card interconnection for daughter-board applications. These SMT contacts can be placed on a daughter card using standard high-speed pick-and-place SMT equipment. The surface mount device (SMD) solder interface utilizes pin-in-paste through-hole technology as well as recessed channels for improved solder distribution which allows for high mechanical strength at the point of connection. The SMT card edge contact system is designed for standard 1.6-mm (0.062-in.) thick printed circuit boards (PCBs) but is compatible with additional PCB thicknesses. The center minimum PCB spacing is 3.2 mm (0.126 in.). It is packaged in a 16-by-4-mm pitch EIA tape on a 13-in.-diameter plastic reel for compatibility to standard high-speed SMT pick-and-place equipment. It is suitable for high-conductivity material, and is able to carry up to 15 A per contact.

Interplex Inc.


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