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SMT Probe Kits Ease Troubleshooting

Two SMT probe accessory kits are designed to simplify troubleshooting SMT circuits. The PK006 and PK106 probe kits make it easier to conduct highly accurate measurements on products with smaller IC lead pitches and lead lengths, increased board densities, and higher chip speeds. Using the probe kits, users can connect probes to standard QFP or SOIC test clips, or directly to chip pins using any of the four 0.5-mm clips included in the kits. In addition to the clips, each probe kit contains one single-lead adapter, one dual-lead adapter, two 4" leads, and two 2" leads. The PK106 kit is for use with the firm's PP005 (500-MHz passive probes) and high-voltage PPE series probes (for signals from 600V to 400 kV peak). The PK006 probe kit is for the firm's AP020 (1-GHz FET probe) and PP002 (350-MHz passive probe) and comes with two 0.8-mm clips in addition to the standard 0.5-mm clips.


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