Electronic Design

SMT Pushbutton Switches Are Totally Process-Compatible

With this unique low-cost family of miniature, surface-mount (SMT), solid-state pushbutton switches, designers can apply and process a Hall-effect chip and an (optional) LED to a printed-circuit board. Designers can then simply snap the switch's actuator in place, manually or robotically, completing a totally process-compatible pushbutton switching system.

Available in momentary or maintained action, the Series 39-8 can be LED lighted or non-lighted. It complies with the European Union's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances and has a three-year warranty. The switches are well-suited for use in all industries that employ printed-circuit boards, especially the medical, consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer, and automotive sectors.

Pricing is in the $1.50 range for 1000 pieces. To learn more, go to www.itswitches.com.

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