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SMT Strip Sockets And Pin Headers Make Secure Connections

For creating a reliable surface-mount interconnect between two PCBs, the company’s latest strip sockets and pin headers feature a round stub-tail termination. The 0.008-inch floating pin design compensates for peaks and valleys found in uneven solder paste on the board’s surface, thereby promoting solid solder joints. Pin-to-pin co planarity is 0.005 inch for pin counts up to 20 positions. For applications greater than 20 positions, users can consult with the company’s technical services. The sockets and headers are available in single row versions with two to 64 positions or double-row configurations with four to 72 positions. Pin headers are precision-machined using brass alloy 360 1/2 hard and the sockets employ beryllium copper contact clips. For more details, call MILL-MAX MANUFACTURING CORP., Oyster Bay, NY. (516) 922-6000.


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