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SMT Switches Have Crisp Actuation Mechanisms

Sized to permit high density mounting, as well as to fit into the smallest handheld products, this new family of ultra-miniature, surface-mount switches employ crisp actuation mechanisms so as to give a positive indication of circuit status. The electromechanical switches are also said to offer long life and logic-level electrical operational capacity. The switches are available with toggle, pushbutton, slide, DIP rotary and tactile-feel actuators. The toggles come in single- or double-pole and maintained- or momentary-action models. Pushbuttons also come in single- and double-pole models with momentary circuits. Side-actuated slide switches come in SPDT or SPTT styles. DIP rotary switches come in screwdriver- and shaft-actuated models offering real or complement codes of 10 or 16 positions. And the 6-mm tactile switch is offered in an upright-mount version. The SMT switches's molded-in, epoxy-sealed terminals conform to standard pc board grid spacing. For more details, conact NKK SWITCHES, Scottsdale, AZ. (480) 991-0942.


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