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SMT Trimmers Have Silicone Protective Coating

Miniature, low-profile SMT trimmer capacitors have been added to the SURFTRIM line. Models in the new GKRP series measure only 3.2 x 2.5 mm with a height of less than 1.3 mm above the mounting surface, with a thin silicone coating used to help protect the devices during pc board manufacturing operations. Four capacitance ranges are offered: 3.0 to 5 pF, 3.0 to 10 pF, 5.0 to 20 pF, and 7.0 to 30 pF. Q is 150 minimum at 1 MHz. Temperature coefficient of capacitance is NPO ±500 ppm/°C for the two lower ranges and N ±500 for the two higher ranges. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C, voltage rating is 25 Vdc, dielectric withstanding voltage is 75 Vdc, insulation resistance is 104 megohms minimum, and tuning torque is 10 to 100 g-cm. And unit price is $0.49 each/2,000 pieces on 7" reels. SPRAGUE-GOODMAN ELECTRONICS INC., Westbury, NY. (516) 334-8700.


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