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SO-DIMM Devices Mix SDRAM And Flash

A line of SyncFlash/SDRAM small-outline dual-inline memory-module (SO-DIMM) devices combines flash memory with a 133-MHz PC133 SDRAM-compatible interface. Thanks to Micron Technology's SyncFlash memory technology, SDRAM and flash reside on the same bus. The SO-DIMMs combine up to 128 Mbytes of SDRAM and 32 Mbytes of flash. They provide Execute in Place (XIP) functionality, enabling systems to boot up instantly with no wait time. Embedded code on the SyncFlash SO-DIMMs is executed from the on-board flash devices, eliminating the need to shadow operating-system code from slower storage media such as hard-disk drives into SDRAM. The SyncFlash/SDRAM SO-DIMMs are offered in an x64 configuration with 32 Mbytes of SyncFlash memory combined with either 32, 64, or 128 Mbytes of PC133 SDRAM. SO-DIMMs using only SyncFlash memory are available in densities up to 64 Mbytes. 1000-piece pricing starts at $65 each for SyncFlash modules with SDRAM and at $55 each for modules without SDRAM.

Smart Modular Technologies Inc.
www.smartmodulartech.com; (510) 623-1231

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